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We're always on hand to help our customers, so here's some frequently asked questions that we hope will help.
  • How do i measure my rooms and what measure is best inch / cm / mm?

    It is always best practice to measure from one side of a room to another, making sure to take the furthest measurements (into alcoves and door ways) length and width. Metric (mtr/cm) is usually used, remember to always allow 10cm waist on each measurment, this is to allow strech and fit for carpet and vinyl. Feel free to call one of our technicians if you are having difficulty measuring. Alternitively refer to our meaasuring guidlines page.

  • Do you have finance available?

    Yes we offer finance packages for all customers. If you require finiance please call us or send us you details wioth mobile phone number and we will happily send you a link to your mobile phone with the application - if accepted you will be given an amount you can borrow upto...

  • Do you supply door bars, underlay, gripper and adhesive?

    Yes we most certainly do, please go to our underlay and sundries page to view our comprehensive range of products

  • Do you deliver?

    We can have some products to your door with in 48 hours. Some products are made to certain specification and may take longer than others to obtain. We would however quote 2-7 days for 90% of our stock.

  • Do you provide a measuring service?

    We can offer a measuring service, depending on location and size. Please call to see if you meet the criteria.

  • If i buy from you, can you fit it for me?

    Yes we can, we have dedicated, prefered fitters that are always happy to fit our product be it carpet, vinyl, LVT, laminate and solid wood flooring. Please call us to discuss your options.

  • Why don't you have prices on your site?

    We mainly buy direct from manufacturers some of which are over seas, exchange rates and transport rates can fluctuate! so we price on a day to day basis. We are not an ecommerce business, although we are very much online. We are customer focused and like to talk directly to our clients before they make a purchase. This helps our customers make the correct choices and undoubtly make less mistakes.

  • What Widths do carpets come in? And do i have to order the full width?

    Generally carpets are made in 4 meter and 5 meter widths. Some however are available in 2 meter widths please review a product page with the details of widths available. Yes, you do have to order the full width of a carpet - If you have room which is 3.5m x 2m you would have to order 4m x 2m = 8 square meters of carpet to order. The same is said for Vinyl flooring which is available in 2 meter, 3 meter, 4 meter and 5 meter widths depending on manufacturer. Please call to discuss your options with on of our technicians.

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